Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back to Life, Back to Reality.

Proof that I actually did leave for real that day.

This was it. We were really going this time. The day had begun and the minutes were going by much faster than I wanted them to. I was filled with a sensation of dread that turned into nausea.

Yes, yes, yes, after all that I had been through and after all that I had survived, I was now doomed to spend my last remaining hours puking. There was nothing glamorous about this trip at all! Off to the infirmary I went for another injection! So far I had spent close to $250 CDN in injections and sure, I would probably be making a few sacrifices upon my return but I didn't want to puke. I had to draw the line somewhere!

After limping back to the room one more time, we called the bell boy to help us carry the luggage back to the main building. He came over riding a golf cart. We traveled down the paths lined up with palms and bright flowers, the snow white flamingos, and tourists in various shades of loose Bermuda shorts. Once again the sweet, comforting sensation of my non-scorpion venom enveloped me and I started to wave at the people we passed.

"I am the queen of England!" I announced to all within earshot. "Long live the queen!"

Shelby started to laugh and joined along. I think she was mostly happy to be leaving as she had grown tired of all the mishaps and eating pasta every day.

We arrived in the lobby and checked out despite being unmarried to Cubans.

Alejandro was there, as expected, and he came by right away. I asked him for just a glass of water because I had been drugged and needless to say, he gave me quite the confused look. When I explained that it was an injection from the hotel doctor to quell my nausea, he finally understood. Or at least he was reassured that I wasn't a junkie.

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"Maybe you should eat something!" he advised me.

"Oh, no, no...I am so not hungry!

"You have to! What do you want? A sandwich?"

"Eeeesh, no thanks. I'm fine! Thank-you!"

"A hamburger! I can get you a hamburger" his eyes lit up, as if he offered something I surely couldn't resist.

"How would I get a hamburger? The buffet is only offering breakfast right now and work in the lobby bar so how would you be able to get that?"

He gave me a self-assured smile "Oh..." he started "I have my connections!" and winked.

I found him absolutely irresistible even if the thought of a hamburger activated my gag reflexes. Still, I insisted on only water despite him telling me he could make any beverage "sin alcohol".

Tick tock, tick tock, the hours flew by! It was (once again) time to leave. Time to go home and book my next trip as soon as humanly possible!

This time he didn't look for me on the bus. I know because I waited until everyone had boarded. I was about to walk up the steps when the courage that had filled me in the buffet room, a few days earlier, returned once more. I headed back towards the bar and there he was, talking to another waiter. I waited for the conversation to pause while hoping that the bus wasn't leaving without me, with a frantic Shelby inside.

"I'm going now! Er...goodbye Alejandro!" I said.

"Oh, you are? So when are you coming back?" he asked.

"Probably in two months...I don't know yet."

"Okay, well, just so you know, I am only working here until August because then I go back to school and I am taking a vacation before so..."


"All right...ok..." I glanced back at the still parked bus (thank goodness!) and then at him again.

He reached over and kissed my cheek and made it moist with his sweat. At least I was going home with hints of his DNA.

Soon the other waiter had once again engaged him in a conversation and I walked away, back to the bus and back to Canada....

Until my return.

Proof that I actually embarked on the plane that day, albeit relunctantly, of course.


  1. "I am the queen of England!"
    I burst out laughing! You are crazy! I love it!