Monday, July 23, 2012

Tinted Glass Goodbyes.

Goodbye, Daiquiris! Goodbye, Alejandro! I shall listen to Lady Gaga in your honour until my return!

Looking back at the beginning, it all seems so strange, because even though the memories are still fresh and vivid in my mind, it feels as though it happened to someone else. So many events occurred afterwards, that I'd almost forgotten about the time where I knew nothing, where I was hanging on this very fragile thread, and where it was 50% hope and 50% impulsiveness. I had absolutely no idea what I was about to embark on, I just knew that I wanted to hop on this ride - more than anything else. I wasn't even gone yet and I was already planning on how and when I would come back.

Our sunburns had turned from bright red to a brownish burgundy, which was when the skin decided it wanted none of this foolishness and wanted out. We were peeling all over. My chest was the most affected on my entire body and it was borderline revolting. Just when my face had returned to normal! I just couldn't get a break!

"We're leaving today!" announced Shelby, as I came out of the bathroom.

"What? No! We're Friday! We're here for a week and..."

"It says on the papers!"

"Where? Let me see..."

"You don't believe me? It says on the papers!"

To be honest, I really don't know why I didn't just check those papers. I seem to have forgotten that part. Also, I've known Shelby for a really long time and it doesn't take a lot to crank her up so I guess I didn't want to have a few hours of unnecessary drama. Why didn't I have a copy of the papers? That was because we had booked under her name, instead of making two separate payments.

When we checked in the books, in the lobby, we did see that there was a bus leaving for the airport in the afternoon.

Okay, seriously, that makes no sense! Maybe we had too much to drink! Maybe it was the heat! Maybe it was the flesh decomposition, but I digress...

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 We packed our bags and proceeded to check out. I ripped a piece of paper from a brochure and wrote my name and email address. I was ready to give it to Alejandro. I had nothing to lose. If anything, we could be friends.

I'm lying.

Like I said, I was already planning to come back.

As we pulled up to the entrance of the hotel with our suitcases, there he was, already smiling and waving. Then he caught site of the luggage and his smile turned into a look of concern.

"You are leaving already?" he seemed disappointed.

"Yes, we were only here for a week. Our bus leaves in a couple of hours." I informed him.

I had that paper in my purse, ready to give to him at any moment, but I hadn't worked up the courage yet. As the hours passed, we chatted here and there, but soon it was time to go.

I handed him the piece of paper and spoke quickly about how it'd be nice to communicate by email sometime, someday, and how I would be back to Cuba soon.

He wasn't around when we started to board the bus. I didn't want to go. I wanted to say goodbye! Why the hell did I want to say goodbye? I mean, I barely knew him. What was going on with me?

I was the last one to board the bus. As I walked to my seat, I noticed on the other side of the tinted windows, Alejandro standing directly in front. He was holding his tray and squinting his eyes. He was looking directly inside the bus!

I stood still. Was he looking for me?

His eyes were searching and searching and then a look of defeat appeared on his face and he looked down, solemnly. This is when I started to wave (and nearly knocked out someone in the aisle beside me). He saw this and the biggest smile appeared as he waved back.

I sat down next to Shelby while my heart was overflowing with joy. I knew I had to come back!

We arrived at the airport and I wanted to run back like a maniac towards the hotel. This was agony! When could I ever come back?

I looked up at the screens inside the terminal.

"Wait a minute, Shelby...there are no departures for our city today! The hell?"


  1. Are you serious?!!!! I love that you did this. And I need to know more!!!!

    1. Haha, yes, and I also wasted an entire afternoon waiting in the lobby with my luggage.

      At least I was in the lobby. ;)

  2. More!!! Please! Your blog has become one of my guilty pleasures. With your 'Bridget Jones' type of humour, it is exactly what I need a daily dose of (no pressure!...weekly is fine too!)
    Absolutely love it!

    1. Thank-you! That's incredibly kind of you to say! :)
      I get tons of ideas at once and then there's the occasional dry spell. Hopefully my mind will be very fertile from now on.

      Okay, that just sounded so wrong! :/